Infomerics Ratings Nepal

Thursday, August 12 2021

Suraj Pratap Malik, Whole Time Director, Infomerics Ratings, held discussions in the august presence of Finance Minister of Nepal Mr. Janardhan Sharma. Fruitful discussions were held on matters of Credit Rating and finance management. A common consensus was arrived on how close cooperation between both the countries would augment the growth of the sector. It was heartwarming to experience a warm welcome and great hospitality.

Team Infomerics led by Whole Time Director Suraj Pratap Malik and ably supported by B K Bajaj, CEO held fruitful discussion with Mr. Bhisma Raj Dhingana, Chairman, Securities Board of Nepal and his erudite team. Infomerics showcased transperant rating process adopted and the robust Software developed which maintains probity in credit ratings. The presentation received deep appreciation and was acclaimed by everyone present. Prima Facie, both sides agreed to mutual cooperation and take the matter to its logical conclusion.


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