INFOMERICS is a full-service rating agency. It provides rating services for the entire range of money market & capital market instruments and borrowing programmes like Non-Convertible Debentures, Commercial Papers, Tier I & Tier II Bonds, Perpetual Bonds, Structured Obligations (including Guarantee Backed Debt programme), and Securitisation Transactions. Infomerics also rates various schemes of Mutual Funds and Alternative Investment Fund.

INFOMERICS has developed robust rating criteria and methodologies and is extensively offering its products to various clientele.

Infomerics ratings would assist issuers and borrowers in facilitating their access to varied funding avenues, widening the range of funding alternatives and the investor base and optimizing the cost of funds.

Investors and lenders can use our ratings to strongly supplement their internal evaluation process and to benchmark credit quality across investment/lending options. For the markets at large, our ratings act as a benchmark for pricing and trading of debt instruments.

Credit rating is a comment on the relative likelihood of default of a debt instrument in comparison to other rated instruments. In other words, a rating indicates the probability of default of the rated instrument and therefore provides a benchmark for measuring and pricing credit risk. A credit rating compresses an enormous amount of diverse information into a single rating symbol.