Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) play a significant role in the economic growth and create jobs in the economy. Despite high enthusiasm and inherent capabilities to grow, they have traditionally been facing some constraints - including lack of adequate & timely finance.


A bank loan rating (BLR) indicates the degree of risk regarding timely servicing of the bank facility being rated; the facility includes principal and interest, if any, on the principal in case of fund based facilities.

Insurance & NBFC

On a macro basis NBFCs supplement the role of banks and i most cases are working in partnership with them. Some of the lending segments for these companies include commercial vehicle loans, construction equipment loans, car loans, loan against gold, loan against property, loans against shares, personal loans, corporate loans, promoter funding, infrastructure loans etc.


INFOMERICS's Issuer/Corporate Rating is issuer-specific assessment of the credit risk. While the scope of this Rating is similar to long term instrument ratings, the main difference between Issuer Rating and other ratings is that Issuer Rating is not instrument specific but issuer-oriented.