Infomerics Ratings

Integrated Financial Omnibus Metrics Research of International Corporate Systems

INFOMERICS Valuation and Rating Private Limited is a SEBI registered and RBI accredited Credit Rating Agency.

Mr. Vipin Malik, a professional Chartered Accountant, is the Mentor and the driving force of the Company.

The Credit Ratings are carried out by a team of autonomous committee independent of the Board of Directors. To mitigate human error, the inputs for rating are generated by software developed in-house. Artificial intelligence analysis with the ability to predict probability of default is used.

Infomerics has its Registered Office at New Delhi with a pan India presence and ambitious expansion of going global.


To ensure quality standards of rating, research and information service products comparable on a global scale. To offer a range of high-quality services to all the stakeholders in the capital and money market.

To apply credible tools & techniques on the most updated IT platform in order to deliver top quality end products. To earn customer satisfaction and investor confidence through sincere and professional excellence.

To build a pre-eminent position in India in securities analysis, research and information services in order to become a global rating agency.

To remain deeply committed to our internal and external stakeholders.


To be an honorable company providing transparent, value added information and rating services to its clients.