Infomerics has the External Rating Committee (ERC) comprising independent eminent professional members. Rating Committee considers all the proposals for rating and grading coming through the Rating Team which includes senior employees of the company engaged in rating function, except proposals for rating decided by the Internal Rating Committee (IRC) as per the policy of the company. Once the rating/grading is assigned by the ERC/IRC, the same is communicated to the client.

Client has the right to request for review of such rating/grading by placing new facts and figures, if any. Once the request for review is received, the senior level Rating Analyst(s)/Group Head, who is/are not involved in the initial rating/surveillance exercise, shall go through the papers to evaluate whether the request for review meets the review criteria as stated in the subsequent paragraphs. If the review criteria is met, then all the new facts are analysed by the concerned Analysts & the Rating Team. Thereafter, the review request shall be placed before the Review Committee of Infomerics. The decision of the Review Committee, as the case may be, on the review is communicated to the client immediately.

Review Criteria

  1. If there is any additional information which was not available at the time of initial rating/surveillance; and/or,
  2. If there is any new development post initial rating/surveillance (which appears to be significant.

Appeal Case Process

  1. In the event of an Appeal, the case documents will be reviewed by a Rating Head who was not involved originally with the concerned case. He will comment on the need for the case to be put up before a higher committee.
  2. Post comments from the other Rating Head, the CRO will comment on whether the appeal should be put up before a higher committee.
  3. In the event of divergence in views between the Rating Head and CRO, the CRO’s decision will stand as final.