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Date Company NameInstrumentRatingOutlook
31.07.2017 Simplex Infrastructures Ltd Rs.75 crores (including present outstanding of Rs.50 crores)
Commercial Paper (earmarked out of tied up fund based working capital bank limit) Rs.250 Crores


25.07.2017 Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd.Long/Short-term Bank Facilities -Rs.975.57 croresIVR A- / IVR A2+Stable
14.07.2017Himachal Futuristic Communications Ltd.Issuer Rating IVR A- (Is) Stable
14.07.2017Globus Spirits Ltd.Commercial Paper of Rs. 25 crores (To be earmarked out of tied up fund based working capital limits.) IVR A1 -
05.07.2017 India Power Corporation Ltd.Long-term Credit Facility of Rs. 225.00 crores IVR A Negative Outlook
04.07.2017 Sunstream City Private Limited Non-Convertible Debentures (NCD) Rs.817.9 crores (present outstanding) IVR B- Negative Outlook
10.05.2017 India Power Corporation Limited. Commercial Paper of Rs. Rs.50.00 crores IVR A1+ --
09.05.2017 Karuna Healthcare Private Limited. Non Convertible Debenture Rs.160.00 crores Provisional IVR A(SO)Stable
03.05.2017 Clininvent Research Private Limited. Issuer RatingIVR BBB [Is]Stable
04.04.2017 Sahara Housingfina Corporation Ltd. Non Convertible Debentures Rs.30.00 Crores IVR BB-Stable
01.04.2017Electrosteel Castings Limited Non Convertible Debentures (Series VI) Rs.125.00 Crores (present outstanding)
Non Convertible Debentures (Series VII) Rs.75.00 Crores(present outstanding)


01.04.2017 Electrosteel Castings Limited Non Convertible Debentures Rs.130.00 Crores (proposed) IVR A (Withdrawn)Stable
28.03.2017 Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd. Commercial Paper of Rs.25.00 crores (carved out of the tied-up fund based working capital limits of the company)IVR A1+-
25.03.2017 Radius & Deserve Land Developers Pvt. Ltd.Non Convertible Debentures Rs 302 Crores (present outstanding)IVR BB -Stable
24.03.2017 Philips Carbon Black LtdTerm Loan of Rs 50 Crores (present outstanding)IVR A+ Stable
20.03.2017 Indiabulls Dual Advantage Commercial Asset Fund (IBDACAF)Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) of Rs.1000 crores.IVR AAA(AIF) (pronounced IVR Triple A Alternative Investment Fund)-
03/02/2017 Karle Infra Pvt. Ltd.(KIPL)Issuer RatingIVR BBB-(Is) (withdrawn)Stable
24/12/2016 Manaksia Industries - Commercial PaperCommercial Paper programme for an amount upto Rs.50 croresIVR A2+-
24/12/2016 Manaksia Industries - Corporate GovernanceCorporate Governance practicesIVR CGR 3+-
24/12/2016 Electrosteel Castings Ltd - NCDFive year Non Convertible Debenture programme for an aggregate amount of Rs.130 crores.IVR AStable
06/12/2016 Khandwala Enterprise Pvt Ltd (KEPL)Rs 200 crores unsecured non-convertible debenturesIVR BB (withdrawn)Stable
02/11/2016Indiabulls Short Term FundShort Term Mutual FundIVR AAAmfsStable
10/10/2016 Indiabulls High Yield FundAlternative Investment Fund for a maximum issue size of Rs. 1000 crores (including a greenshoe option of Rs. 500 crores).IVR AAA (AIF)Stable
27/09/2016 Electrosteel Castings LtdCommercial Paper programme of Rs.100 croresIVR A1+-
09/09/2016 Srikalahasthi Pipes Ltd.Non-Convertible
Debentures/Long-term Borrowing
IVR AAStable
26/08/2016 Dhariwal Infrastructure Ltd.Issuer RatingIVR A-(Is)Stable
22/08/2016 Simplex Infrastructures Ltd. Commercial Paper programme

upto an amount of Rs.250 crores upto 365 days

IVR A1+-
27/04/2016 Khandwala Enterprise Pvt Ltd (KEPL)Rs 200 crores unsecured non-convertible debenturesIVR BBStable
20/04/2016 Sunstream City Pvt Ltd (SCPL)Rs 820.2 crores non-convertible debenturesIVR B-Stable
09/02/2016 Karle Infra Pvt Ltd (KIPL)Issuer ratingIVR BBB-(Is)Stable
09/02/2016 Radius & Deserve Land Developers Pvt LtdRs 315 crores, 3 years, senior secured NCD issuanceIVR BBB-(SO)Stable