Mr. M Y Khan

Chairman of Banking and Advisory Council, YES Bank Ltd, and Former Chairman of Jammu & Kashmir Bank.

Vipin Malik

  • Dr. M. Y. Khan is the Chairman of Banking and Advisory Council, YES Bank Ltd. Dr. Khan has been the Chairman of Jammu & Kashmir Bank in the past, he is also a Director on the Board of Bharat Hotels, as well as an advisor for Berenson & Company, New York. Prior to joining J & K Bank, Dr. Khan spearheaded J & K Agro Industries Development Corporation as a Managing Director. He was also heading J & K Tourism Development Corporation for 5 years as Managing Director.
  • Dr. Khan had been Nominated Member on the Chattisgarh Economic Advisory; Government of India, Member of the Banking and Financial Institutions Committee of FICCI and Member of the Managing Committee of Indian Banking Association, Mumbai, during his tenure with J & K Tourism Development Corporation.
  • Dr. Khan is the recipient of several prestigious awards like “Udyog Rattan” award, “Pride of India & IMM award” for excellence as top professional manager, “Excellence Award” by Institute of Economic Studies, Star Achievers award among several others.